A song for everyone and for every occassion
As professional musicians the members of Montserrat are not confined to the Jimmy Buffett genre and can indeed perform a very diverse range of musical styles.

While our speciality is the songs of Jimmy Buffett our musical abitities cover artists such as Cat Stevens, Eagles, James Taylor, Neil Young, The Beatles, CCR and other great performers from the 60's & 70's up to the present day. 
We can perform various genres like Rock, Country Rock, Blues, Reggae, Pop, Swing, Country and so on.

Whether you're planning a rip roaring party or a night of more laid back music Montserrat have all the musical bases covered.
We cater to most styles and genres with solo performances through to Big Band shows. 
If we can't do it for you then we most certainly will know someone that can and we'll be happy to arrange their performance for you.

For info on entertainment for your event or special occassion contact Lions on 0407 767 658
Email: jimmybuffettband@bigpond.com