'The Ole Steeler'
Ray's been playing pedal steel guitar for 28 years, over that period of time as part of a backing band or group and has backed countless vocal artists.

Ranging from raw beginners at Country Music Festivals, to those who may be regarded as legends such as Buddy Williams, Gordon Parsons, Stan Costa, Ellie Lavelle, Terry Gordon, Owen Blundell, John McSweeney, Auriel Andrews, Col Hardy, Brian Young, Troy Casar Daley, Double Decker Dave and in recent times the “Toe Sucking Cowgirls”.

He's played in all states of Australia except Tasmania, as part of a touring group with Bill Murray’s Alec Beckett, Jimmy Little and as part of a support group for a “ Flying Emus’ tour through Queensland.

Ray adds those beautiful sweeping pedal steel sounds just like Doyle Gresham does for Jimmy Buffett and Coral Reefer Band