Lionel "Lions" Aitken
Lead Vocals & Guitar
Born in Sydney but later raised in a NSW country pub Lionel's first foray into music was as youngster when bands performed at his parents hotel.  On occassion he was invited to "play a couple of songs", this fired his passion for drumming, music and performing.

As a 16 year old he was invited to join a band called 'The Impacts' who had progressed through several rounds in 'Hoadleys Battle of the Bands'. 

During the following years he performed with various 'cover' bands around the Riverina area of NSW.  It was at this time he also picked up his first guitar, "it's a helluva lot easier carrying a guitar rather than a drum kit" he was heard to say.

World travel and a career in the film and television industry as a diver/cameraman and actor kept his musical aspirations on hold for nearly three decades. 

His musical influences are Cat Stevens, James Taylor, The Eagles and of course Jimmy Buffett.

In 2003 Lions resurrected his musical passion and from this evolved Montserrat.

He now lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland with his wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.
Lions freely gives his time to various charitable causes and is also producing a TV documentary series.

A big fan of Jimmy Buffett music since 1972 Lions had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy in person in 2011.

Lions is the founder/manager and driving force behind Montserrat.