Alvin Jahbutu Rostant
Steel drums
Alvin is originally from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (situated in the south Caribbean just ten kilometres off the coast of South America) "the land of calypso, soca, steeldrums and the limbo dance".
He began his music career playing the steel drums with his father’s band the 'Free French Steel Orchestra' at the age of fourteen.
As Jahbutu’s career developed he began touring the world as a steeldrum player and vocalist at age twenty one he performed throughout the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Australia. 
Jahbutu eventually settled permanently in Australia and proceeded to introduce the rich culture of the Caribbean Islands throughout the major cities and outback areas.  He continues to do this in conjunction of the 'Arts Council'.
With his vast experience and musical ability Alvin brings a real Caribbean sound and feel to Montserrat and the songs of Jimmy Buffett.
Apart from touring and performing Alvin also operates the Academy of Steel Drums in Brisbane.

Visit Alvins website Caribbean Arts Company.